The Easy Ways To Teach Time To The Kids

Teaching time to kids is a tricky thing. But it is essential for the kids over 6 years of age to learn to tell the correct time. The first step is talking a lot about the concept of time to the kids. Talk about minutes, hours, seconds, how long does it take to finish a work, and so on. Teaching can be fun too. Many different toys and games are there to support the learning. Click here to help your kids tell the time and continue reading the article.

Wooden clock toy:

The wooden clock toy comprises of a calendar too by its side. We can buy it online also. The hour and the minute hand are adjustable. This is so easy to learn. First, we should teach skip counting. Then, we can tell a time and ask the children to set it in the clock and vice versa.

Use play doughs:

kids love play dough. Aren’t they? Let’s do it like this. Draw a clock face, roll a dough short and another one long. Let them be the clock hands. For example, if the time is 6 in the morning, we can ask the children to set 6 by adjusting the clay hands. Repeating this activity will definitely help the kids to learn fast.

Mobile apps:

This is one of the most attractive and interactive ways to learn time. A lot of applications are available in the play store, which allows the children to move the hands of the clock repeatedly. Few quizzes too will be there to test the understanding of the children.


Books that depict the pictures of different times say how the clock looks in the morning, afternoon, evening and night can be bought and going through the pictures regularly simplifies the learning.